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Leading Missional Communities

Missional Communities (MCs) are a hot topic right now in the church, and many are excited about the potential of MCs to be a vehicle that allows the church to better live out its mission in the world. But if we embrace and implement MCs merely as a new program, they won't live up to their potential and we'll be on to the next hot topic in a few months.

MCs are helpful only if we use them as a vehicle that allows us to points us toward a much deeper issue: how we can learn to live our everyday lives as extended families on mission.

This book is filled with the experience-drenched practical wisdom we use to train churches all over the Western world in leading, growing, and multiplying MCs.

The great thing is that it isn't actually that complicated, and God will give us the power to do it. This isn't a task reserved for church leaders, pastors, or experts, it's for everyone! This book is about how to take the first steps in moving in that direction.

Family on Mission

When God wanted to act on his promise to save the world, he started with a family and gave them a mission. He spoke to Abram and his household and they became a family on mission. We see Jesus operating in the same way, gathering an extended-family-like group of disciples around himself before embarking on his mission. Jesus needed a family on mission.

Within the Trinity, the unity of God is expressed in a diversity of persons, which means that at the very heart of God's nature is a family on mission. Without that texture, discipleship becomes programmatic and mechanical, not really producing people with the character and competency of Jesus.

This book is about our journey in leading a family on mission, as well as looking deeply at how Jesus built his family on mission in the Gospels, as well as practical strategies for growing as a family on mission, imitating Jesus as his disciples.

Huddle Leader Guide

It can feel daunting know where to start with leading a Huddle. There are so many different things you can do, so many places you could take the people you’re investing in. You’ve been in a Huddle…but leading one is something else altogether! The Huddle Leader Guide provides a flexible, freedom in a framework that takes you through the first year of your Huddle. It is the perfect resource to walk alongside of Building a Discipling Culture as you take this journey.

Multiplying Missional Leaders

Leadership is one of the most over-used and overwrought topics in Christian ministry today. Yet for all the books, blogs and conferences, there are two staggering realities we must come to grips with: First, while most churches believe they have leadership development programs, in actuality, they have programs that recruit and train volunteers, not leaders. A volunteer is someone who executes someone else’s vision. A leader is someone with a vision of their own. In truth, there are often only a few leaders in the average church and everyone else are simply executing their vision. It’s the genius with a thousand helpers.

Perhaps more troubling, though, is that our development programs are not about releasing leaders to the missional frontier, but volunteers keeping the machine of the church running. To be sure, we should attend to the organization of the church, for it is a significant thing when the scattered church gathers. We must learn again the art that Jesus mastered: the task of multiplying missional leaders and releasing them to the cracks and crevices of society where there is little-to-no Kingdom presence.

This book is about how that can become a reality in your community.

Building A Discipling Culture

Building a Discipling Culture book

As our culture becomes more post-Christian, we are all realizing that what has worked in the past is no longer working, that we are far less effective for the Kingdom than we were even 10 years ago. But we would suggest it isn't because we don't know what the Great Commission states or the imperatives of the Gospel, or that our church services just aren't getting it done.

Its because we are in the midst of a discipleship crisis in the Western church. The people sitting in our pews are rarely becoming like the people we read about in Scripture. They may come to a worship service, join a small group or even tithe, but their lives just don't seem to look like Jesus life.

The truth of the matter is that we don't have a missional problem or leadership problem in the Western church. We have a discipleship problem. If we make disciples like Jesus made them, we'll never have a problem finding leaders or seeing new people coming to faith.

Building a Discipling Culture is the product of more than 25 years of hands-on discipleship practice in a post-Christian context that has turned into a worldwide discipling movement, dealing specifically with how to make the types of missional disciples Jesus spoke of.

Covenant and Kingdom - The DNA of the Bible

Covenant and Kingdom book

For many, Scripture falls into much the same category as Shakespeare: valued and enjoyed, but seldom understood. It is not, however, out of reach. The ability to identify the main themes of any passage is a skill you can learn, even as you seek to apply its truth to your own life.

Covenant and Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible guides you on a Scriptural quest for knowledge and understanding. Stories and verse from the Old and New Testaments are woven together and cross-referenced, until the connections are clear and indisputable, like DNA from the Bible.

Covenant and Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible provides guidance to the path of understanding that it will take to develop, to the fullest, your own individual relationship with God.

Leading Kingdom Movements

Leading Kingdom Movements book

From the beginning, God has been in the business of movements. Starting them. Multiplying them. Changing the world through them. And in Jesus, we see this come together in practice.

HOW? How do you start a Kingdom movement that can change the world? But in Jesus, through his life and taking his teachings seriously, we see how we can lead a Kingdom movement.

In this book, Mike Breen explores the key components of how to lead a Kingdom movement. Starting with Jesus, then through the lens of Paul and stories an principles seen in his own life, he offers a humble way forward in creating, growing and multiplying a Kingdom movement.


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