Leadership Policies

MCEC and the North American Church Leadership Ministers have developed a number of policies and other documents to foster the health of congregations and pastors in our regional church. Find pastor salary guidelines, information about a license to marry, misconduct polices and more.

  1. Expectations for Pastors Who Have Experienced Significant Conflict in Ministry 
  2. Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love
  3. Faithful Servant, Faithful Employer 
  1. A Covenant Regarding Ethics in Ministry
  2. Called to be a Blessing: A Guide for Healthy Relationships Among Credentialed Persons 

MCEC Guideline Ending Difficult Pastor-Congregation Relationships 

Please note that the credentialing process is different than the license to marry process; however one must hold a credential in order to obtain a license to marry.

Step 1: Credentialing 

Before a minister can perform marriages, they must first go through the credentialing process. (link to C Level Credentialing)  This is because a certificate (Licensing Toward Ordination, Ordination or Licensing for Specific Ministry) is required in order to register with the Government for a license to marry. Barring this need, a pastor’s credential is NOT connected with a pastor’s license to marry registration. 

Step 2: Letter from Congregation 

Congregational leaders (ie. church council) where the minister works/attends must send a letter to the church leadership minister requesting the minister receive authorization to perform marriages. This letter must indicate the request and for whom (minister’s name), the name of the congregation and who the request is coming from (ie. church council). The letter must appear on church letterhead and be signed by a member of the group sending the letter (ie. church council chair).

The minister is accountable to their congregation for their license to marry. The letter from the congregation indicates to us that the congregation is aware of the minister's license to marry. The minister must inform the church leadership each time they officiate at a wedding. Ministers who hold a license to marry but are not ministering in their congregation, must also inform the church leadership each time they officiate at a wedding.   

Step 3: Follow up from MCEC 

Upon receipt of the letter, MCEC will follow up by email to the minister to advise the needed information for the application. Application documents will then be mailed to the minister to sign before mailing the documents to the Service Ontario Marriage Office (for Ontario Registrations) or to Registre des Célébrants (for Québec Registrations) 

Step 4: Follow up from the Marriage Office 

After processing the request, the Marriage Office/ Registre des Célébrants will send a certificate/letter with the registration number on it to the minister, as well as a copy to MCEC. Processing can take up to six (6) weeks, so please plan accordingly.  

Additional Information: 

  • It is the responsibility of the minister to ensure that the couple they are marrying has received pre-marital counselling
  • If there are any changes to the minister's information (ie. name, address, phone number or clergy status) please advise the MCEC leadership administrative assistant so that the minister’s record at the Marriage Office can be updated. 
  • When a minister authorized to perform marriages transitions to a new congregation, it is their responsibility to let the new congregation know about their authorization, as accountability for it is then changed to the new congregation.  
  • MCEC will check-in annually with ministers who are authorized to perform marriages but do not currently hold an active ministry position. 
  • Quebec registrations are no longer permanent and expire after five years. MCEC will follow up a couple months before expiration to see if the registration should be renewed. 
  • When a minister leaves the denomination or moves to another province/country, their license to marry registration will be cancelled. A temporary licence to marry registration may be granted if a minister is invited to officiate at a wedding. If this is the case, please be in contact with the MCEC leadership administrative assistant to begin this process.  
  • Note: It can take six to eight weeks to process the temporary license to marry registration.